$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store Recipes

$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store Recipes


The battle for consumer VR will be played out in particular on ability of players to offer content, in particular games, which wins the support of the public. It is a question of designing “tubes”. For this, Oculus has invested heavily in exclusive titles. A model that is now bearing fruit.

VR content sales are starting to take off

$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store Recipes

Jason Rubin, one of the content managers at Oculus, revealed it: several titles have grossed over $ XNUMX million. Their particularity? These are all exclusives, available only through the Oculus Store. Content therefore reserved for users of Rift, the headset of the Facebook subsidiary.

If full sales figures for games, apps, and other videos are not readily available, the symbolic figure of a million receipts is rare. Including for titles also accessible via other platforms such as Steam. According to the latest indicators published in February, around thirty paid content exceeded $ 250 in revenue on Steam. A few like or have even reached the fateful million mark.

Oculus Store : the million dollar(s) strategy

$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store Recipes

Oculus believes it is starting to receive dividends from its strategy. Namely, developing premium games that are expensive but profitable in the long run, once they find their audience. And distributed exclusively on its Oculus Store platform. This has indeed given some successes such as: or

Investments allocated by Oculus to developers until recently were in the range of 100 to 000 dollars. Today, the company has moved up a gear by betting on projects between 1 and 5 million dollars. The modest-sized studios are, according to the Facebook subsidiary, capable of doing it alone on smaller projects. The size of the market is now sufficient to ensure a return on investment.

VR in search of its second wind

$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store RecipesThe beginnings of mainstream VR (of which 2016 is considered Year 0), when it comes to games, are difficult. One of the reasons is the lack of a park installed to accommodate the titles, however qualitative they may be. Even a good game offered at a very attractive price could not find its audience ... lack of audience.

The equipment in helmets allowing to enjoy the games has developed. What offers a finally interesting potential market for developers. So enough according to Jason Rubin for smaller companies to launch without risking their survival. It also draws a parallel with the early days of the PC gaming market. Which took 30 years to produce hits of the caliber of, and other AAA titles. A duration that the actors of VR do not have. If only because virtual reality is not alone in the hype and high-tech niche. While in their day personal computers were the ultimate in modernity.

Quality as the only way out

$ 1 Million VR Games: Oculus Store Recipes

The reassuring and optimistic figures of the Oculus Store may contrast with some news regarding Oculus, even the global market and the future of VR. Disappointing equipment sales explain the reservations of several observers since the start of the year. Whether it's the Rift, HTC's Vive or even Sony's PSVR, It is clear that the optimism of 2016 gave way to a contained momentum in 2017.

Young girl, virtual reality must already think about its future. For Oculus, this is go through the stages until becoming a producer of AAA games. All while allowing more developers to become autonomous by relying on a larger customer base. And position itself in VR like the giants of the classic video game industry. The manufacturers (Sony, Microsoft) thus finance quality games with a precise target and within the framework of a controlled business model. And not just because they are the only actors who can / want to do it.

A search for exceptional which could be expressed by a specialization of content producers. After witnessing tests on all fronts typical of a nascent activity.


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