14 million VR headsets sold in 2016

14 million VR headsets sold in 2016


Gaming will still dominate the market 

14 million VR headsets sold in 2016

Another estimate that could give food for thought to enthusiasts of the. Virtual reality could now play in the big leagues.

Last month, the Tractica research and analysis institute predicted that virtual reality revenue could reach $ 21,8 billion in 2020. First estimate of revenue from virtual reality headset sales.

In his TrendForce study, goes in the same direction: video games will still dominate the market for the next four years and content sales will have to rise in the medium term.

The content will take over from the headsets 

As soon as the market players, explains TrendForce, then companies will turn to virtual reality content.

Several companies have already in this segment and could be the rising figures in VR content production. Honey VR, a VR content design company, will develop an VR that will relive the events of history.

Altspace, designs digital content sharing environments adapted to the company and just raised 10,3 million in July to accelerate its development. of society could be the rising figures in VR content production.14 million VR headsets sold in 2016

The boom that could experience next year will continue: TrendForce predicts that sales could reach 18 million pieces in 2017, 22 million in 2018 and finally 38 million in 2020.

So, is this analysis surprising? Avi Greengart, analyst at Current Analysis Yet explained in an interview that he explains, referring to virtual reality headsets, which could cost more than the consoles in them-. In all the players would have to spend almost $ 1500 on a virtual reality headset console, like the Oculus Rift, he explains again.

explained Jeff Gattis, Marketing Director at HTC last month and explain that virtual reality will no longer be a niche market in the next few years.

All of this analyzes are corroborated by several studies. The CSS institute, whose study on the virtual reality market is to be published in September, predicts that the virtual reality market will flourish in mobile and represent 90% of smartphone sales.

The potential applications of virtual reality could appear in all areas: health, sport, cinema or even real estate.14 million VR headsets sold in 2016

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