2016 - The figures of virtual reality

2016, this year will launch virtual reality into a whole new era. If the last years were marked by curiosity, discovery and public seduction, this year 2016 will put virtual reality in a perspective of control, invasion of the general public and market war. It is on this year that the biggest fish of virtual reality will take out their helmets, namely, Facebook's Oculus Rift, which will be released in July 2016 at a price of € 699, HTC Vive from HTC and Valve, which will be released in April 2016 at a price of € 899 and finally the Playstation VR, which will be released in October 2016 at a price of € 399.

These three helmets represent the top of the basket of virtual reality headsets and their release in the same year will create an incredibly strong public momentum on virtual reality. But above all, this wave will create significant revenues specifically for this year, because in addition to its headsets, rather in parallel, there will be a whole bunch of applications and video games sold behind. So, Super Data Research, after a detailed study, affirms that the revenues generated by virtual reality in this year 2016 will reach 861 million.

This is a huge number for a market that is just getting started and it clearly signals a huge future market. Glodman Sashs Investment Bank is also convinced that this market will become extremely important in just 4 years, 2020 , reaching for her a figure of 110 billion !

Virtual reality has great potential to become a monster as huge as the mobile phone and PC markets are and this year 2016 will lay the first bricks of a wall that will be able to cast a significant shadow in the financial market and even in our daily lives.

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