A field of view and resolution that make the StarVR dream

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  • Very good technical characteristics
  • The StarVR, in mass production this year

The latest information on the StarVR confirms the very good impressions we could have on this headset. The Starbreeze product should very quickly return to the benchmark once on the market. 

Very good technical characteristics

What if StarVR confirms all the good promises? He could then become the best spokesperson for virtual reality. The headset designed by the Swedish video game studio Starbreeze is thought to be “premium”. The best of what can be done today in terms of virtual reality.

The latest information confirms that this postulate is not a mirage. The first objective of the StarVR is to offer a field of vision similar to that of the human being, i.e. 210 °. For comparison, the Oculus and Vive are limited to 110 °. MBut the FOV of the StarVR will therefore be 210 ° vertically and 130 ° horizontally. This should allow almost perfect spatial realism and a real feeling of immersion.

The second very important parameter is the resolution of the images. With 5120 × 1440, the quality was already there. But the studio continues to be improved. Thus, the latest version of this helmet, which is still in development, has almost completely eliminated the small visual defects that may still exist, especially during a sudden movement of the head. Images remain crisp and flawless.

Those who have already been able to test it are categorical. The quality is there. And above all, they really don't want to go back to a lower configuration afterwards. This incomparable level and the addiction it creates should help to install the StarVR in a lasting way in very high level headsets. Until the next generation ...

The StarVR, in mass production this year

Last February, the company announced that mass production should begin this year. "  The company Acer will take care of the construction of the helmet.. They joined forces with Starbreeze to create a single 50/50 business.

For now, the StarVR is intended for amusement parks and rooms dedicated to virtual reality. You will therefore have to wait to test it in your living room. But it should soon arrive in Imax theaters since Starbreeze has entered into a partnership with the network. Some models are already available in the IMAX VR Center in Los Angeles.

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