A little extra for the Oculus?

In recent months, we have seen a certain euphoria within the gaming community in France. "Why is that?" you will say to me… Quite simply because we can, today, speak about true virtual reality.

Despite the unconvincing 90's test, some, like the firm OculusVR, were able to take advantage of the construction flaws of yesteryear to release a fully functional war machine today! You will understand, of course I want to talk about our famous Oculus Rift!

Admittedly, there is to date only a prototype (although very successful) of the virtual reality headset from OculusVR. Nevertheless, it is possible to form our own opinion on the subject, and to come up with a list of the qualities and defects of the Rift.

If the first impression has often been “WAAAHHHOUUUU !!!” after trying the headphones, after careful consideration, it turns out that a big defect remains at best: the resolution. And yes… it is also recurrent to hear “Oh but it's all pixelated!”. If this expression sometimes comes off the fitting of some, most manage to ignore it.

But will this poor resolution one day be appreciable? This is in any case what we can hope for with the new discovery of the Nvidia team. Indeed, the researchers of the American firm wanted to innovate in a new screen technology allowing visual comfort despite the small gap of 3cm between the screen and our eyes. This novelty is called LCD Hacking Trick Could and may well delight future owners of the final version of the Rift.

Will Palmer Luckey be interested in this new screen concept for his revolutionary little gem?

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