A slew of video game trailers during the Upload VR Showcase

A slew of video game trailers during the Upload VR Showcase


Our American colleagues from Upload VR animated for two hours a showcase dedicated to video games in VR. So, more than 30 titles were entitled to a new trailer, or at least some new images. This concerns both new releases and updates for games that wish to extend their lifespan through additional content. In addition, most platforms are represented, namely PSVR, Oculus Quest and PC VR. Here is some of the games that caught our attention.

The news


The next title from Resolution Games is a one-on-one duel game. The studio compares it to a Bullet Hell, that is to say the kind of Shoot'em up where you have to avoid 3 billion projectiles per second. The figure is a little lower here, but it will be necessary to avoid enemy fire in slow-motion. The first gameplay images show a colorful game resolutely turned towards physical practice. Blaston will be available next fall on Oculus Quest, then on other platforms thereafter.

Solaris: Offworld Combat

Announced a year ago at E3, Solaris: Offworld Combat is a game of player versus player confrontation in an arena. The futuristic environment promises to host fast-paced skirmishes. Players pick up weapons scattered around the play area, such as multiplayer games on Quake or Half-Life. The Upload VR Showcase unveiled the first gameplay footage. The game is slated for release in August on Oculus Rift and Quest, and later on PSVR.

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

We announced a few days ago the first game in virtual reality located in the universe of the Dark World. If real gameplay images are planned for in a few months, this showcase was still an opportunity for the title to show a little more. The environment and the decorations are highlighted here.

Phantom: Covert Ops

A few days before its release, the kayak infiltration game Phantom: Covert Ops offers itself a final teaser. If the initial concept may surprise, the many returns on the title are reassuring. The immersion seems to be particularly successful. The wait to play it is no longer very long. The Oculus Rift and Quest are preparing to welcome it on June 25.

Star Shaman

Star Shaman is a brand new game from Ikimasho, a freshly set up studio. In addition, this one is parisian. It brings together several talents from the video games industry, special effects and virtual creation in general. Their first title, Star Shaman is a first-person shoot'em up where the main character casts spells and travels from planet to planet. The atmosphere given to the game pull a bit on the psychedelic. Expected release on PC VR platforms in August.


Low-Fi is a cyberpunk adventure planned before the end of the year. The game successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last October. He even exceeded his objectives, confirming the enthusiasm of the players for this title. If the proposed trailer does not offer many new images, it nevertheless shows again the potential of this game. If you don't want to wait to play it, it is possible to buy a place for the closed beta.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Operencia: The Stolen Sun est an old fashioned dungeon crawler released in March on consoles and PC. Zen Studios has announced that it will soon be available in virtual reality. With a turn-based combat system, puzzles to solve and a medieval fantasy world, this game is a tribute to the RPGs of yesteryear.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught

It is Norman Reedus in person which brings The Walking Dead: Onslaught up to date. The interpreter of Daryl Dixon in the eponymous series has thus confided to have recorded new dialogues for his character, in his cellar. The game had disappeared from radar lately, to the point of being forgotten. So he corrects that and confirms its future release. No date for the moment, but it should land on PSVR and PC VR.

Updates and additional content

Vacation Simulator, Back To Job update

The popular Vacation Simulator will be introduced later this yearfree additional content. This one should recall its predecessor Job Simulator with a return expected in the business world. Indeed, it will be a question here of allowing the robots which usually take care of humans to be in turn on vacation. It will then be necessary get back to work and take care of them to satisfy their slightest desire. Scheduled for all platforms, this additional content does not yet have a release date.

Pistol whip: PSVR, new songs, and campaign

The rhythmic shooter Pistol Whip had the right to several announcements. First of all, the game will be available on PSVR on July 28. Then, in August, three new sound tracks will be added with the “Heartbreaker” update. Finally, in the last quarter of the year, a new campaign called "The Concierge" which will offer new enemies, weapons and game mechanics. Before that, the new song Religion is now available. It's the longest track for the title to date.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners : Meatgrinder

The other VR game derived from the zombie series will soon have a new game mode. Indeed, through the update "Meatgrinder" The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will host a horde mode. Now present in many shooting games, this mode confronts players with successive waves of enemies, until they are thirsty. This expansion is expected on PSVR and PC VR in July. The Oculus Quest version of the game is still scheduled for release at the end of the year.

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