A suite of apps to beautify your selfies and correct flaws

A suite of apps to beautify your selfies and correct flaws


The suite of free augmented reality apps, YouCam, is a hit with selfie addicts around the world. Already more than 400 million downloads have been made worldwide and the reasons for the success are simple. With the different applications available, it is possible to correct all the faults and significantly beautify your face. It is even possible to adopt the look of the stars and their perfect makeup.

Selfies are rarely satisfying. The blemishes of the face appear blatantly and lighting, eye color, skin texture, shape of nose or lips, etc. are rarely optimum and valued. The YouCam suite of apps not only corrects all these flaws, but also truly beautifies your face very simply by providing it with the features you've always dreamed of.. It is even possible to adopt the makeup of the stars. If you don't like seeing yourself in a selfie, YouCam can easily help you look just perfect with augmented reality on your smartphone.

A suite of apps to beautify your selfies and correct flaws

YouCam Perfect to really beautify your face

Everyone knows, the photos of models published in magazines are retouched to make the body and face perfect and in line with the canons of beauty. Unfortunately, knowing all the secrets of Photoshop is not within the reach of everyone. As well, YouCam Perfect gives you the benefit of a simple and free application to optimize your self-portraits or your foot photos and really beautify them.

The YouCam Perfect app is very easy to use. From a selfie, you can beautify your face and make it perfect. Very simple tools allow you to remove wrinkles, beautify the skin and modify its color, improve your smile, the whiteness of your teeth, erase skin imperfections, redraw the contours of your face, your nose, your lips, remove bags under the eyes, slim your face, etc. All corrections have real-time preview and you can even remove an unwanted object or person in the background. You can download the app for free here.

YouCam Makeup for perfect makeup

Depending on the color of your skin, eyes, hair and the shape of your face, the choice of makeup should be appropriate. It must also be adapted to the circumstances. It's hard to try out the makeup that suits you and going through a professional is expensive. To help you find THE perfect makeup, YouCam Makeup is the right application. You can download the app for free here.

A suite of apps to beautify your selfies and correct flaws

You can, from a selfie, try all the makeup you want and find the one that suits you best in real time and very simply. A real free makeover session. You can easily find the perfect combination of makeup for a striking look, attractive lips and a perfect complexion.. YouCam Makeup also offers the possibility to test the looks of celebrities by reproducing their makeup.

The YouCam suite of apps offers other tools, including manicuring and testing polishes and nail art, daily beauty tips, and adding funny effects to your photos. With the YouCam suite of apps, taking and beautifying selfies is a snap. Your photos on social networks, your internet accounts or your CV will be just perfect and beautiful.

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