AAA VR Video Games - Top 5 Cult Licenses That VR Can Resuscitate

AAA VR Video Games - Top 5 Cult Licenses That VR Can Resuscitate


Top 5 Most Anticipated AAA VR Video Games

Ace Combat

The Ace Combat series dates back to the glory days of arcades. This franchise is based on a clever mix between arcade and simulation. The player is piloting a fighter plane in a fictional world. The action is fast-paced, exciting, even if the last few episodes have failed to woo the general public. Even so, the release of Ace Combat 7, slated for 2017, is eagerly awaited by fans. The virtual reality would be a great evolution for this AAA video game series, as it could give the player the feeling of actually being in control of a fighter plane.. Namco Bandai seems to share this opinion, and the new Ace Combat will be PSVR compatible. However, the VR content will be separate from the main game. If that first try is successful, the next installment could be a full VR game.

resident evil

Since Resident Evil 4, Capcom's famous horror game series has taken a questionable path. Today, with the release of Resident Evil 7, it seems that the original spirit of the saga has been found. In addition, for the first time, it will be possible to experience the game in VR. For the moment, reactions to this novelty are mixed. Either way, VR has been proven to be particularly well suited to horror. Yes Capcom is playing its cards right, Resident Evil VR could be a big hit and revitalize the AAA horror game market.

Time Crisis

Time Crisis is a rail shooter, in which the player moves automatically and just aims at enemies on the screen to take them down. This kind of AAA video game is particularly well suited to arcade machines, but works less well on home consoles. In virtual reality, however, it is an ideal format because automated movements avoid the problem of nausea. A Time Crisis VR can solve the main problem facing virtual reality first person shooters. There are already many shooting games in VR using the concept of Time Crisis. It is therefore time for the saga to regain its letters of nobility thanks to this new technology.


Bioshock is a fantastic game skilfully combining atmosphere, storytelling and gameplay. Near 4 years after the release of Bioshock Infinite, it is time for a new episode of the AAA video game saga to see the light of day. Virtual reality seems to be the next step for this cult saga.


The F-Zero saga offers all the fun of a racing simulation, without bothering with limitations like traction or the force of gravity. Worldwide, many fans dream of a new episode in virtual reality, allowing the player to sit in the cockpit of a vehicle capable of speeding up to 2000 km / h. Hopefully Nintendo offers such an experience on the occasion of the release of its next console, the Switch.

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