Adam Savage customizes the Oculus Touch for Pistol Whip

Adam Savage customizes the Oculus Touch for Pistol Whip


An update that adds to the others ...

The VR game Pistol Whip is a great success. Thus, players can always come back to it thanks to regularly added free updates. The rhythmic shooter has therefore seduced more than one, including Adam Savage. As a result, he presented on his youtube channel Tested an Oculus Touch controller personalized for the occasion.

The creation of this custom gun-shaped controller adds to the game an extra dose of realism. Created entirely by Adam Savage, his youtube video shows us the tools used and the steps to be carried out to get it. With a duration of about twenty minutes in accelerated mode, we therefore understand that the process may seem long and tedious for some. Others before him have also had fun customizing their Oculus Touch to make it more suitable for certain games, such as a table tennis game for example.

... But who stands out

The customization that Adam Savage's pistol-shaped joystick enjoys widens the gap with other designs online. Indeed, while they are often made of plastic printed in 3D, the creator went further by adding aluminum at the top of its product. The engravings bearing his name on the handle make his irreproachable aesthetics. The few hours spent for the creation were worth it. His heavier weight brings this gun closer to a real prototype, thus adding realism and immersion in the game.

Adam Savage is not his first try, as other custom VR controllers have been made. Proud of his creations, he said: "It was officially very fun (...) with a lot more work, because it is heavy". Sometimes difficult working hours, but thanks to which a little gem was born.

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