Alcohol brands are fans of augmented reality


  • A multiplatform strategy for brands
  • Not just to sell alcohol

Redefining the relationship with their consumers using augmented reality. The paradigm shift seems obvious for several brands of alcohol and spirits that have invested heavily and in innovative ways in augmented reality experiences. The Scottish company Macallan is a very good example here..

A multiplatform strategy for brands

We told you about it a few days ago. A company that offers The Walking Dead zombies in augmented reality on wine bottles. But, this example, for media as it is, is far from being representative of the efforts made in the field of augmented reality by the big players of the market..

We have thus seen in recent months, many interesting experiences of marketing in augmented reality, mixing exhibitions with Hololens and innovative applications. explains Samantha Leotta, Macallan's “brand manager”.

For the Scotch whiskey brand, this means, for example, an exhibition in New York last October with the Microsoft Hololens. Visitors could discover the forests where the wood used for the barrels comes from with fruits inside them..

Not just to sell alcohol

An experiment like this helps educate the consumer about the whiskey making process. Rather than just trying to sell more alcohol, brands have therefore opted for a didactic approach through new technologies.. This is also the case for an application launched with Apple's ARKit. To have access to educational content, all you have to do is scan a bottle of the brand's whiskey.

This is also the strategy adopted by the Mexican brand Patrón and its “Patrón Experience” application. Users can plant agave, the plant that originates from tequila, on any flat surface. They can also visit the company's production premises and benefit from explanations from a bartender. Without leaving their home, it becomes possible to know everything about the tequila tasting process.. The company ”.

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