Alien: Covenant - A Virtual Reality Experience

Alien: Covenant - A Virtual Reality Experience


20th Century Fox

Last month, fans of the franchise were able to discover a first trailer for the highly anticipated, the sequel to the saga awaited for many years. This new episode promises to be a successful return for the famous series directed by Ridley Scott.

A VR experience from the saga

Today, a new announcement should delight fans of this terrifying saga. 20th Century Fox just announced the development of virtual reality experiences from the film. As a reminder, the studio had already opted for the same strategy with Ridley Scott's latest film,.

Masterfully led by David Karlak, this project will be the result of a collaboration between RSA Films, the company of Ridley Scott, the production house specializing in virtual reality MPC VR, and the division dedicated to VR and immersive experiences of Twentieth Century Fox.

In virtual reality, no one hears you screaming

Alien: Covenant - A Virtual Reality Experience

Cette experience is described as a terrifying journey to the depths of the Alien Universe. It will be available in the course of 2017. However, it is not known on which platform and at what price this production will be offered.

Franchising has long been viewed as a premier opportunity for VR experiences. The demo presented as part of E3 2014, particularly aroused the enthusiasm of fans. Unfortunately, this demonstration was never materialized by a full game..

VR is seen as a shock marketing strategy by 20th Century Fox

Alien: Covenant - A Virtual Reality Experience

With this experience from the new film, 20th Century Fox may be able to make up for this missed opportunity. In almost three years, the virtual reality market has evolved a lot, and now embraces the cinema industry. Last month, Fox produced a VR experience for their Assassin's Creed movie. In several large cinemas, viewers could try this experience before or after watching the film.

This is a masterful method to attract more general public attention to blockbusters. Logically, Fox should adopt this strategy more and more frequently for its major productions.. If the numbers show the effectiveness of this technique, the other major studios will no doubt be interested in RV in turn.

Il This may be an intermediate step, while waiting for real Hollywood feature films entirely made in virtual reality. As a reminder, will be released in theaters on May 19, 2017. The virtual reality experience should be offered simultaneously.

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