Alien, the augmented reality social network made in India

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  • Alien, a network that is above all practical
  • Augmented reality at the service of social networks

Alien, a strange name for a strange but promising concept. Alien is an augmented reality social network that originated in India. How does it work, what is it for? We take stock for you!

Building an alternative to Facebook in virtual or augmented reality. The concept has something to appeal to entrepreneurs looking for the new good idea. But, the dismal failure of AltSpace VR this summer has shown the challenges facing a project of this type. India-based team is racing again with Alien, an augmented reality social network this time around. Is this the correct one? We will no doubt find out very quickly.

Alien, a network that is above all practical

How did the idea for Alien come about? In a post published on the Medium blogging platform, the team makes the presentations

The concept of Alien is therefore based on the grouping of all this information through a single platform. In the street, your smartphone "augments" your environment with information on other platform users but also on businesses.. You can geolocate yourself by introducing yourself to other users, publish information from anywhere, recommend new places but also find out where you will have access to discounts with "Alien Coins" which add a dose of gamification to the experience. A very good way to discover or rediscover a city or a village.

Augmented reality at the service of social networks

Of course, an experience like this takes a lot of users to start getting interesting. The fact that she was born in India may also slow down her arrival in Europe and even in the United States.. But, it nevertheless illustrates very well the interest of augmented reality for social networks. The idea is, in a way, very close to what Google Glass could offer from a conceptual point of view.

Above all, it is the illustration that it is possible to go further than what Snapchat or Facebook offers with their augmented reality filters.. A reassuring news even if in truth we suspected it a bit. It remains to be hoped that this will cause a ripple effect. For the moment Alien is still in beta and can therefore be downloaded for free on Android or iOS. Be careful, the applications can therefore be unstable. The team doesn't seem to rule out the idea of 鈥嬧媘aking them pay off as a monetization solution afterwards.

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