All Quest apps that support hand tracking


  • Oculus Quest apps compatible with hand tracking
    • Oculus Quest home and menus
    • Oculus browser
    • Oculus TV
    • Stationary Guardian Configuration
  • Quest games and apps that support hand tracking
    • Virtual Piano
    • BigScreen
    • Titans of Space PLUS
    • The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets
    • Virtual desktop
    • Waltz of the Wizard

Here is a list of all software that supports the hand tracking feature as well as developers with Quest apps that plan to support the feature when the SDK is released.

Oculus has just announced that a software update will be deployed this week and allow hand-tracking on the Quest autonomous virtual reality headset. This announcement surprised because the release of this feature was not expected until the beginning of the year 2020. A good surprise therefore before Christmas. However, to function, it must have suitable applications. Here is the list of applications that already support this monitoring and those to come when the SDK for developers is available. Developer Development Kit announced for December 16.

Oculus Quest apps compatible with hand tracking

Here are all the apps that already support hand tracking on Oculus Quest. Note that you will only be able to use this function when you have updated your autonomous virtual reality headset to version V12. You must also activate the function in the menu.

Oculus Quest home and menus

The Oculus Quest Home environment and all associated menus support hand tracking at launch. You'll be able to select, scroll and navigate Oculus Home, including Library and Store, without Oculus Touch controllers.

Oculus browser

The Oculus browser has supported hand-tracking since launch. This means you don't need to hold the touch controllers while browsing the internet with your Quest.

Oculus TV

Oculus TV also supports hand tracking at launch, allowing you to pause, play, and browse videos without the need for touch controllers.

Stationary Guardian Configuration

You will also be able to install a fixed keeper barrier and use your hands to adjust the height from the ground using hand tracking. This means you will be able to essentially set up your environment, set up a tutor, and start browsing menus without the need for touch controllers at all..

Quest games and apps that support hand tracking

Virtual Piano

This is the very first real experience that uses the Oculus Quest hand and finger tracking. The application teaches you to play music on a virtual piano and now even to synchronize with a real piano.


The big screen lets you watch TV shows, movies and other on-screen content on a virtual screen shared with friends or strangers around the world. Bigscreen has a spatial user interface built around button presses with the index finger, which will be an interesting departure from Facebook's pointed implementation of hand tracking.

Titans of Space PLUS

Titans of Space is an educational app that introduces you to the solar system and beyond. The app is currently listed on the Quest store but has not yet been released. Manual tracking will not be available at launch, but is scheduled for later.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is a retro, small-scale puzzle where you explore the miniature worlds you and your Grandpa imagined as a child, to help solve the titular mystery. Fast Travel Games explained that it is “reviewing” hand tracking and that the game will “most likely” get support.

Virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop allows you to wirelessly use your PC or laptop on a virtual monitor in VR. It means everything your PC can do in VR. The developer told us they would start working on manual tracking once the SDK is released, but warned it would take "a while" before release.

Waltz of the Wizard

Walt of the Wizard is a magical showcase for room-scale virtual reality and manual interactions. It is located in a castle where you can play with ingredients to create spells and more.

Many games and applications require the use of a controller to interact with the virtual world. It is therefore quite possible that many games cannot be compatible with this function or that the interest of it is very limited. We will however continue to update this article as there is no doubt that third party apps and games will support hand tracking soon.. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment to let us know if a studio announces this support.

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