Amazon ready to pay for your body ... for its augmented reality app

Amazon ready to pay for your body ... for its augmented reality app


Like other tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft, Amazon is convinced of the revolutionary potential of augmented reality. Jeff Bezos' firm intends to enter this new market, but it needs the help of consumers ...

This is the reason why Amazon launched the “Amazon Real World Image Study”: a program in which individuals are invited to let the American company 3D scan their bodies. Volunteers will receive an Amazon gift card in the amount of $ 25.

The process is based on the technology of Body Labs, a startup acquired by Amazon in 2017, combining artificial intelligence, computer vision and 3D modeling. It allows you to take a photo of a person and then transform it into a 3D model.

Amazon wants to 3D scan your body to create an AR dress-fitting app

This 3D data can then be used by Amazon, for example to develop an aaugmented reality application for smartphones allowing users to try on clothes realistically directly to their mobile devices. This would be a concept similar to that of the Ikea Place application which allows you to try out furniture in AR, this time applied to trying on clothes.

This is not the first time that Amazon has tried to virtualize clothing fittings. In 2018, the firm launched the Echo Look : A $ 99 device that lets users know if an outfit looks good on them using machine learning. It is possible that the 3D scans performed as part of the program are also used to improve the AI ​​of this device.

Just like Facebook and Apple, it is quite possible that Amazon is currently preparing augmented reality glasses for launch in the coming months. However, no information on this subject has been disclosed to date ...

In the meantime, if you want to participate in the Amazon Real World Image Study, be aware that time is running out. To let the company scan your body, you will need to visit one of the New York tourist offices, located at Union Square at 37 East 18th Street, before the end of May 2019...

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