An app that creates awesome avatars for VR

An app that creates awesome avatars for VR


Virtual YOU: 3D avatar creator is an awesome app which allows you to create realistic full body avatars for virtual reality from a simple selfie. Explanations ...

There are different virtual reality social apps that use an avatar like, for example, VRChat. You can choose any character you want and be whoever you want. However, some prefer a digital representation of who they really are and have an avatar that looks like them. This is especially the case for those who use these social applications from a professional point of view or those who are used to communicating with friends they know. This is where this smartphone application comes in.

An app that creates awesome avatars for VR

Virtual You: 3D avatar to create very realistic avatars

This smartphone application, available on iOS and Android, is very easy to use. Just take off your glasses, make sure your hair isn't covering your face, and put your little face in the oval to take a selfie. The avatar creation application will then ask you a few questions and will create a fairly resembling avatar from the first attempt. You can then make some modifications to make the creation more similar.

Note that once you have created your avatar and that after having linked your account to the virtual reality social application of your choice, you will not find this representation of yourself in the avatars offered but… in your inventory. After having clicked on "Wear", it will appear in the list of avatars of the application. Although suffering from a few imperfections, the result is quite impressive. The avatars created are indeed very successful.

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