Apple alumnus says company is working fine on AR glasses

Apple alumnus says company is working fine on AR glasses


In an interview, a former design star at Apple confirmed that the company is working well on augmented reality glasses. He did not give details, however.

It has become an open secret. If the Cupertino company has never announced that it is working on such an augmented reality device, there are many indications that this is the case. Recruitment of stars in augmented reality, of course, but also very advanced work with ARCore and the patents filed leave little room for doubt. Now it's a former Apple employee who confirms that this is the case.

AR glasses: a former Apple confirms the project

It is Jonathan Ive, a former star designer of Apple, who sold the wick during a long interview with our American colleagues from the "Wall Street Journal". Disagreeing with Tim Cook, the brilliant designer preferred to leave Cupertino and start his own business. Asked by our colleagues, Jonathan Ive mentioned many subjects and slipped that his team at Apple, which replaced him when he left, are currently working on a design project for… augmented reality glasses.

Information that confirms the rumors around the secret of the Apple brand. However, subject to very strict confidentiality rules, the designer was unable to give many details. However, the American newspaper quotes that “”.

However, this confession suggests that Apple's augmented reality glasses would be an extension of the iPhone. We can undoubtedly imagine that the glasses could be worn on a daily basis and send information about the messages received, see a map in real time and consult everything on the phone even while walking without having to look at it or lose it. view of its environment. The device will no doubt also make it possible to view content created on ARKit.

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