Apple to secretly develop high contrast MicroLed displays


  • Apple Microled: foldable tiles and excellent colors

There are different screen technologies. LCD, QLED or OLED. The latter are in the hands of LG. For the first time in its history, Apple would seek to produce its own screens to free itself from its competitors and above all to have innovative technology with MicroLed panels. Even though MicroLed technology shares many characteristics with OLED displays, some differences are particularly notable and interesting..

Apple Microled: foldable tiles and excellent colors

MicroLed technology uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) which notably offer excellent contrast, deep blacks, excellent reactivity but which also allows for folding panels. This technology would make it possible in particular to have excellent screens for virtual reality. After the Cupertino firm downsized the engineering team working on the project, many believed Apple was going to drop the technology. SAccording to our American colleagues from "Bloomberg", this reduction in the workforce would mark, in fact, the entry into the pre-production phase..

In addition to virtual reality, these screens could be used on the next iPhone or even Apple Watch. For Apple, this would allow it to have a head start on the competition but also and above all the possibility of freeing itself from an external supplier.. Note that the apple brand is not the only one interested in MicroLed technology. Samsung would be working on it too. However, it seems that Apple is ahead and already has working prototypes. However, it will probably take a long time to find products using MicroLed screens.

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