Arcade VR - 5 tips for opening a VR game room in your city

Arcade VR - 5 tips for opening a VR game room in your city


The VR industry is growing exponentially. More and more companies are using it to train their employees or to promote their products. During 2016, the Virtual and augmented reality startups raised a total of $ 2,3 billion, including $ 500 million in the third quarter. For the ninth consecutive quarter, the industry breaks its record in terms of fundraising. However, it is in the area of ​​entertainment, video games and amusement parks that the market is flourishing.

According to predictions by Grand View Research, the VR gaming market could reach $ 45 billion by 2025. The United States and China are currently the two markets where VR is experiencing the strongest growth. In these two regions, VR arcades are sprouting up like mushrooms. And for good reason: these businesses of a new kind are proving to be very lucrative. From the moment it opened, the IMAX Experience Center in Los Angeles attracted more than 5000 visitors. Likewise, HTC plans to open more than 5000 VR game rooms in Asia. A phenomenon comparable to the golden age of cybercafés, to the appearance of the internet.

For good reason, these establishments respond to a demand from consumers. Of many gamers are drawn to virtual reality, but current prices for VR headsets are a deterrent. In fact, it can be very interesting to embark on the adventure now by opening your VR arcade in your city, especially in France, where fashion is just starting to emerge. Here are some tips for starting your business.

What is a VR arcade?

Arcade VR - 5 tips for opening a VR game room in your city

Caring for VR arcade is an establishment offering its customers to play games or try virtual reality experiences. To open a VR arcade room, all you need to do is rent a space, invest in virtual reality headsets, and bill your customers for the different experiences offered. Of course, it is necessary to make this space attractive and comfortable, and to offer visitors a wide variety of experiences. Also consider renting your room for birthdays, business outings or private parties.

5 tips for opening your VR arcade

Offer quality content

Arcade VR - 5 tips for opening a VR game room in your city

If you want your customers to come back, it is necessary to provide high quality entertaining content. Few of the many VR games available today are truly captivating long-term experiences. So prioritize quality over quantity, and systematically test the games before offering them to your customers. Multiplayer games are particularly popular, as they allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in VR.

It is important to note that you will need to pay for a commercial license for each game you offer in your VR arcade. Otherwise, you will not be legal. To be able to acquire a commercial license, you will need to subscribe to the Steam Site Licensing Program. Once registered for this program, you will have access to the commercial licenses of the various VR games available on Steam. Not all games are commercially available, but the list is already very comprehensive and continues to grow. The commercial licenses cost more than personal versions of games, and must be renewed monthly. The price difference varies, but some commercial licenses are three times more expensive than the personal license. In addition, a license is only valid for one position. You will understand that you will have to choose a small quantity of games and bet on quality, because the purchase of commercial licenses is very expensive.

Target a large and varied clientele

Ne not only offer games for the most avid gamers. Also choose experiences that will appeal to the whole family, children and an audience not used to playing. Interactive experiences, easy to use and able to interest the greatest number. For example, many people new to VR will simply want to fly, visit space, or dive into the ocean.

Arcade VR - 5 tips for opening a VR game room in your city

Choose an ideal location

The geographic position of your VR arcade is extremely important. She must be easy to find, where cars can park, and where many pedestrians pass. Find a place near other businesses that many people frequent on a daily basis. A shopping center or downtown seems the most optimal.

Don't skimp on marketing

In order to effectively promote your VR arcade, capitalize on social networks. Do not hesitate to post short videos of your customers having fun in virtual reality on Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat to make users of these platforms want to come and have a good time.

Access professional resources

Opening an arcade takes a lot of work, but some companies can make it easier for you. Avatarico, a Barcelona-based firm, has developed a model to help entrepreneurs launch their VR arcades. This company has already facilitated the opening of 64 theaters around the world, with a return on investment within six months. The company takes care of the entire process from start to finish, including the creation of exclusive multiplayer games.

La virtual reality is an emerging market, and entrepreneurs starting now will benefit from the boom in the industry. An opportunity not to be missed.

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