Archgate: new VR MMORPG with big ambitions

Archgate: new VR MMORPG with big ambitions


Archgate: Pride & Accomplishment is a future MMORPG in virtual reality developed by the Samdosoft studio. If it is not the first of its kind to tackle this medium, this game still intends to break the codes and bring a different point of view. In this regard, the first striking detail is its game system with third person view. Still, the first person view seems more suited to VR and the immersion it is meant to bring.

But the young Czech studio make sure you made the right choice. He says the third-person view in VR can work well for certain styles of play. In addition, it helps attract different profiles to virtual reality. It is the case of people with reduced mobility or those who, tired after a long day of work, just want to settle down on their sofa. Thus, Samdosoft has taken measures to minimize visual discomfort and feelings of nausea. And if the developers agree that the immersion should lose some of its splendor, the relief effect and the spatialization of the sound will make the experience gripping.

Masters of the game to evolve the experience at any time

As for the game itself, Archgate is set in a Dark Fantasy universe where players will have to collaborate to accomplish their quests. Mostly, the adventure is hardcore since in some areas, the death of a character will be final. But, this MMO also intends to highlight relations between players in order to create real interactions, like paper role-playing games. Besides, a team of game masters can permanently influence the story by adding content and events. New items, quests or clashes, all of this can be deployed instantly. Also, some NPCs will be played by real actors to make the experience more real.

In order to put all this in place, Samdosoft will have to limit the number of players present on the servers. The studio intends to offer the best possible quality for its product. The number of registrants should reach several thousand. The Archgate exit is scheduled for 2021 with alpha and beta testing phases starting this year. The game will be released on PC VR headsets, and possibly on the PSVR when the PS5 is released.

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