ArtDesignPainting paints AR paintings for 15K € for footballers

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  • ArtDesignPainting: luxury paintings combining Blockchain and augmented reality

Footballers have money. A lot of money. So much money that they sometimes don't know what to do with it. In order to help them, the Parisian company ArtDesignPainting paints tables at the cutting edge of technology for professional athletes, leagues and federations.

Made to order, these hinges can, for example, stage a player and his family or a whole sports team. The visual charter is developed with the client, and the company then takes care of creating the work.

Among the ArtDesignPainting clients, we notably count the wife of Neymar Junior who offered him a painting for his birthday, the Premier League, or the French Football Federation which ordered a painting to immortalize the victory of the French team at the 2018 World Cup.

Suffice to say that ArtDesignPainting's clientele is rather prestigious, and it is preferable since the unit price of these paintings fluctuates around 15 euros. So what is the peculiarity that makes these works of art so expensive?

ArtDesignPainting: luxury paintings combining Blockchain and augmented reality

It's quite simple: ArtDesignPainting paintings are true concentrates of technologies. First of all, using a smartphone, it is possible to scan different parts of the board to view related multimedia content. For example, on the table in honor of the French team 2018, the different players can be scanned to view their exploits on YouTube. During our visit to the company's booth at CES 2019, we had the pleasure of seeing again the famous goal of Pavard.

In addition, augmented reality makes it possible to have a virtual museum anywhere in the real world. It is then possible to visit this AR museum through the screen of your smartphone.

Another trendy technology embarked by these futuristic paintings: the Blockchain. It is indeed possible to use the NFC of the smartphone to verify the authenticity of a painting using the blockchain.

You would have understood it, ArtDesignPainting combines art with technology to meet the luxury tastes of professional footballers. If you also dream of owning such a work, and you have the means, know that the company unfortunately does not offer its services to individuals for the moment.

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