Atman Binstock, Oculus VR's new recruit

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We know the Oculus VR team well, yet it's only getting bigger and bigger every day. Here is just a new arrival within this company, it is Atman Binstock. If his name means absolutely nothing to you, know that he was known as chief engineer for many VR projects at Valve! And yes just that… That's not all! Creator of the famous “VR Room” which aroused enthusiasm during the Steam Dev Days.

Inventive and passionate about virtual reality, Atman Binstock works to improve as much as possible the unique experience of immersion. Working on the phenomenon of presence, this innovation could well make virtual reality even more interesting. This will certainly avoid clapping their hands against the desk when pushing a door in the game… This newcomer will therefore be affiliated with the post of “Chief Architect”.

So here's a new recruit that just might make our beloved Oculus Rift almost perfect. We already know that Oculus VR wants to market a finished product that meets expectations, and we can only believe them when we see the various recruitments that are taking place within the team. A very good point for the company as for Atman Binstock who will see himself working on the long awaited little gem of virtual reality!

Atman Binstock wanted to speak about his adventure in virtual reality. A course that was hardly marked at the time:

Just over two years ago, Michael Abrash and I were sitting in a coffe shop in Kirkland. He was trying to convince me to come work on AR and VR with him at Valve.

At the time, I was trying to wrap my head around two questions: ‘Why me?’ and ‘Why now?’ Michael did a good job of

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