Augment - The Leader in Augmented Reality as a Service

Augment - The Leader in Augmented Reality as a Service


La Augmented reality platform Augment makes it easy to configure, manage and view 3D AR content. Companies can thus easily access the various benefits of this technology. This platform is broken down into three parts.

Augment - The Leader in Augmented Reality as a Service

The Augment Manager software allows you to manage and share 3D models. Augment Desktop allows you to preview and configure 3D models before experiencing them in augmented reality. Finally, the Augment smartphone application allows viewing of 3D models in augmented reality on an iOS or Android device.

Thanks to Augment, businesses can use AR to allow their customers to try products at home before making a purchase. This increases the number of purchases, but also reduces the number of returns.

The benefits of augmented reality for businesses

Cdiscount's conversion rate has gone from 20% to 80% on certain items.

between 100 and 150 €. products from more than a hundred brands.

A new form of visibility for brands

For B2B sales, augmented reality also makes it possible to simulate the product in order to eliminate the hesitation of professional customers during the sales process. Through this method, sales can be increased by up to 27%. This service is used in particular by Coca-Cola. She uses an AR app in 27 countries to determine where she should place beverage refrigerators in stores to maximize sales.

For its part, Fnac used Augment to develop an augmented reality feature within the Fnac eCommerce mobile application. The University of Michigan is also using the service to teach digital design to students. We can cite the SEB group, which uses technology to present its products such as the Cookeo.

When it comes to marketing, Augment offers its customers to replace their traditional printed brochures with interactive and engaging augmented reality experiences for the consumer. Fun and innovative, such experiences are very convincing and improve the brand image.

Augmented reality can also be used for product design and the creation of prototypes. This technology can be used to visualize the design of a product before the production phase. Here again, Augment's services make it possible to use this innovative technique.

The Augment startup already brings together many prestigious partners such as Nokia Networks, Nestlé Purina, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Aecom or Groupe Seb. These different professional clients say to themselves very satisfied with Augment services, which enabled them to improve the consumer experience of their products.

Augment: three different price formulas

Augment - The Leader in Augmented Reality as a Service

In terms of pricing, the startup offers three different packages. The formula Essentials includes up to 5 active devices per month, offline access, Android and iOS applications, as well as the 3D Vault, a space for managing and storing 3D models. This formula costs € 9 per month per active device, i.e. 45 euros per month maximum

The formula Pro, billed at 25 € per month per device, allows up to 10 devices to be connected, and offers, in addition to the Essentials pack, web integration, an analytical dashboard and local models. It gives access to 5 trackers and 5 places. You can also manage access to models.

Finally, the Enterprise plan adds to the Pro plan a personalized password policy, application integration, CRM integration, a team manager, on-site training and an administrator account. This last formula costs 59 euros per month per active equipment from 10.

Update April 29, 2019: We updated the company's prices after its change of business model. There is no longer any limitation of 3D models.

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