Augmented reality: YouTube finally adds filters to its Stories

Augmented reality: YouTube finally adds filters to its Stories


Today, "filters" are certainly one of the main use cases of augmented reality. If you don't use social media a lot, you might be wondering what it is. It's very simple : these are augmented reality disguises.

While filming themselves with their smartphone or camera, the user can don a hat, mask, glasses, or even a wig, mustache or a well-stocked beard. Everything is possible, and these virtual elements are superimposed realistically on the user's face.

Until now, most of the trendy social networks offered augmented reality filters to their users. This is the case with Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. In revache, YouTube did not yet offer this feature.

This is now done, since Google's video service announces that content creators with more than 10 subscribers will now be able to add AR filters to their Stories. However, YouTube does not only intend to catch up with the competition: its goal is to overtake them.

Augmented reality: YouTube filters are the most realistic thanks to machine learning

Indeed, remember that Google is one of the leaders in the field of machine learning. However, thanks to this artificial intelligence technology, the Augmented Faces API is able to crop faces, reduce surrounding noise, and follow the user's movements more precisely.

In addition, artificial shadows can be cast taking into account the ambient light. So, filters will be much more realistic on YouTube than on other platforms.

These new filters are available now for content creators who have passed the 10 subscriber mark. To use them, just download the ARCore SDK.

The new filters will be available to creators with more than 10 subscribers, by downloading the latest ARCore SDK. The music streaming platform is running its course, and does not hesitate to overshadow its competition to find its place. Moreover, the Mountain View firm has also unveiled a new AR application, which allows you to experience the origin of the universe. An axis combining technologies and creativity that suits it to delight.

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