Avengers Damage Control: after Star Wars, the Void VR attacks Marvel

Avengers Damage Control: after Star Wars, the Void VR attacks Marvel


In a few years, The Void has established itself as the world leader in the “out-of-home” virtual reality market. Its different experiences offer groups of users to immerse themselves in ultra-immersive VR games requiring to move in the real world within vast landscaped spaces where sensory effects will increase realism.

The difference with other players in this market? The Void experiences are truly amazing, and the financial and human resources invested by the firm are reflected in the final result. This is what allowed the American company to attract the attention of Disney, with whom it forged a prestigious partnership in 2018.

From this alliance, two VR experiences exploiting the intellectual property of Disney have emerged: Ralph Breaks VR from the Chronicles of Ralph franchise, and Star Wars Secrets of the Empire directly based on the universe of the Star Wars saga.

Avengers Damage Control let you wear armor between Iron-Man and Black Panther

At the start of 2019, The Void announced that experiments drawn from the Marvel universe (also owned by Disney) were in the works. Today, to the delight of comic book and superhero fans, the firm is finally announcing the first of these experiments titled Avengers: Damage Control.

In this large-scale VR game, players are recruited by the character of Shuri, embodied in the films by Letitia Wright, to test a new experimental armor. This armor combines the technologies used by the Iron Man armor and the Black Panther costume.

Other characters from the saga will appear, including Doctor Strange, the Wasp, Ant-Man and other Avengers. An iconic supervillain will also be there, but his identity is not yet revealed ...

Like The Void's Star Wars experience, this new game is developed in partnership with ILMxLAB to whom we also owe the trilogy of Vader Immortal films on Oculus. This experience will be offered from October 18, 2019 in the United States and Canada, for a price of $ 39,95 per person. For now, it is not known whether a European launch is on the program. However, The Void recently announced the opening of several European theaters which is rather reassuring in this regard ...

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