Be Earth, a virtual reality experience on climate change


  • Be Earth makes you aware of climate change

Be Earth is a virtual reality experience developed by XR Impact with funding from Oculus, Sida and produced in collaboration with the United Nations and climate experts.

For many people, climate change is hardly visible on a daily basis. By using distant memories, it is possible to notice differences. It is true that this change is gradual but that it occasionally affects certain regions of the world in a dramatic and sudden way. Even if the images of the television news give us a glimpse of it, it remains distant and many feel little concerned. This virtual reality experience transports you to the Amazon rainforest to experience the devastation caused by climate change in immersion.

Be Earth makes you aware of climate change

This experience is called Be Earth # 13 and aims to teach users more about climate change. The experience premiered at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. However, it will also be made available free of charge. The experience transports the viewer to the Amazon rainforest where climate change has a clear and present impact and invites participants to embody the earth and learn about climate change, to take action and take personal responsibility to help end global warming.

The full title, Be Earth # 13, refers to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the thirteenth of which deals with climate action.. This experiment is the first of a planned VR platform, along with other experiments that address some of the other 16 goals. As mentioned earlier, the experience will also be posted for free at some point. No date has been brought forward yet nor are the release platforms or headsets supported.

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