Bear Simulator, the new animal Skyrim!

    Bear Simulator, the new animal Skyrim!

    Here is a game that could well be called the new animal Skyrim. Why animal? Quite simply because in Bear Simulator, as its name suggests, you play as a bear. Those nostalgic for the teddy bear in WoW can find comfort here with this intriguing simulation to say the least.

    Indeed, Bear Simulator is not like other simulations. If the others offer redundant gameplay, Bear Simulator has its own strengths. But what is the point of a bear simulation game? The particularity of Bear Simulator is to be above all a real RPG. This is certainly the reason why it is compared to Skyrim since it offers majestic settings with very similar gameplay. In addition to the fights you will have the possibility to completely customize your character (bear). You will explore the world in the skin of a bear in search of food but not only. You can also get started in plant harvesting. When hunting wild animal and fish, the characteristics of your bear will be important in this game and allow you to become stronger. The goal is therefore to go on an adventure in the skin of a bear.

    Currently on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Bear Simulator has already attracted the general public since it has a loan of $ 38 raised for a goal set at $ 000. As much to say to you that this small nugget will certainly be able to show the tip of its nose towards the end of this year 29.

    But what does this have to do with the Oculus Rift? Well know that if the financing of Bear Simulator is a real success, we could, Rifteur friends, experience the joys of hunting fish with the Oculus Rift! What do you think? A new way of perceiving the fauna and flora that surrounds us in gigantic settings! Are you interested in swapping your hands for big, hairy paws adorned with sharp claws?

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