Beat Saber: the best tips to improve your score

Beat Saber: the best tips to improve your score


While Beat Saber is a fairly easy game to pick up, achieving a high score is another story. In addition to slicing the blocks with the right rhythm, synchronized with the music, you will also have to perfect your "swing".

Le operation of the scoring system is not specified in the game, and many players therefore wonder how to improve their score. Here are some tips that will be of great help to you.

In this video uploaded by developer Beat Games, we see that performing a wide arc-shaped swing achieves maximum points with each cut. In addition, the alignment of the cut is also taken into account.

- score and degree angle values have, however, been slightly modified since this video. In detail, the angle of your swing should ideally be 100 degrees before slicing. After cutting, it should be 60 degrees. Cutting closer to the center of the arrow will earn you some extra points.

Beat Saber: get the maximum score on each sliced ​​block

By achieving an ideal swing angle before and after the cut, you will be able to get a maximum of 100 points. With a centered cut, you can get 15 additional points. In total, so you can get a maximum of 115 points per grade.

If you manage to string together the right notes, the combo counter will allow you to multiply your score with each note up to eight times. If you miss a block, the counter drops back to x1.

To reach an S or SS rank, so keep your combo counter at eight and cut each block with the perfect angle and centered.

To progress, do not hesitate to try the Practice Mode. This mode will allow you to practice on a specific part of any song or even play it in slow motion to memorize the most complex sequences of blocks ...

As a reminder, Beat Saber is one of the first VR games to have passed the milestone of one million downloads. It is available on Oculus Rift, Steam, Oculus Quest or even PSVR.

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