Bitcoin: VR events on cryptocurrencies multiply


  • With VR, cryptocurrency companies keep working
  • Many canceled events
  • What VR can bring to cryptocurrency conferences
  • Should we expect a new paradigm for the Bitcoin world?

If in 2017 VR was described as the savior of cryptocurrencies, technology this year came to the rescue of Bitcoin events, undermined by anti-covid measures.

In fact, virtual conferences and meetings have multiplied, sparking renewed interest in virtual reality equipment in the sector. This trend could also lead to more decentralization of cryptocurrency events in the future.

With VR, cryptocurrency companies keep working

Many Bitcoin players, for example Etoro Avis, have always teleworked, partially or for all of their payroll. As a result, the sector has shown greater resilience during containment compared to other industries. No significant drop in productivity was therefore recorded this year.

Also, it is therefore not surprising to see cryptocurrency professionals easily adopting VR in recent months, remote interactions being an integral part of the sector.

Many canceled events

Despite everything, the crisis got the better of a pillar of Bitcoin: the conferences, meetings and other seminars that professionals attend each year. As states around the world have confined their populations, the switch to virtual was inevitable.

The biggest Bitcoin trade fair, scheduled for London last March, ultimately did not take place. Likewise for the. Like a chain reaction, the events were canceled one after the other. But was it really necessary? In any case, VR is the best solution for cryptocurrency conference organizers currently.

What VR can bring to cryptocurrency conferences

Faced with this appalling state of affairs, virtual events have taken over, even if it must be admitted that they currently have neither the scale nor the notoriety of their physical equivalents. But in the midst of these tiny newcomers, a giant decided to join the party.

So, the tech conference took place as planned in June. But unlike every year, the event took place online and not in Toronto. To justify this decision, the organizers notably highlighted the success during previous editions of online interaction tools between participants.

Should we expect a new paradigm for the Bitcoin world?

In fact, it is now increasingly easier to organize virtual events, whether in virtual reality or not. Thus, many platforms dedicated to this purpose exist. But is it enough to convert the cryptocurrency world to VR after the pandemic? The answer is not simple, but we would tend towards a Yes.

Surely, going physically to conferences will remain a thing, if it is only to make some. However, lVirtual events will allow more people to attend.

On the other hand it will be easier when it comes to teleworking, virtual reality making it possible to give the sensation of collaborating together remotely. Therefore, while the coronavirus has damaged entire swathes of the economy, it has apparently accelerated the development of virtual reality within the crypto community.

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