Bliss - Virtual Reality Helps Cancer

Although not everyone has experienced it directly, we know that treatments to fight and / or cure cancer are long and tiring and do not always provide the assurance of a full recovery. So cancer isn't just a physical ordeal but also a psychological and spiritual fight.

It is in this area that virtual reality and more particularly the French company L'Effet Papillon and Mélanie Perron, carrier of virtual reality project Bliss, seek to make a difference and have the courage to launch a project based on strong moral value. This project aims to create a 3D environment in a soft world, dreamlike and allowing to escape psychologically and spiritually.

It should be known that for many specialists, the moral dimension of the patient, his state of stress or fatigue, can count as 50% of the healing factor. Bliss will therefore offer a virtual world allowing patients with serious illness to leave during one hour sessions their treatments and their real oppressive environments. They will also allow relatives of the patient to find him in this environment in order to discuss or simply share this experience.

Bliss is currently at the idea stage and Mélanie Perron wants to make this idea a reality through crowdfunding. For now, a test version has been used on 15 patients and their 15 accompanying persons at Le Mans, Dr Hugues Bourgeois, oncologist, declares after this test phase: 

A good initiative that takes virtual reality to another level, a more noble level.

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