Blood & Truth adds compatibility with Sony's "Aim"


  • Always aim better in Blood & Truth with the "Aim"

It is an announcement that took us by surprise, even if we recognize its relevance. PSVR's exclusive game Blood & Truth is now partially compatible with Sony's “Aim” controller. We explain to you.

This is a new update that should please Blood & Truth fans. First of all, there are five new challenges, the “Skeet Challenges” but also a software evolution that could increase the gameplay.

Always aim better in Blood & Truth with the « Aim »

In this update, the new challenges offer the same approach as the previous ones. You will need to show off your skills with weapon in hand. Each time, a different theme, whether it's a shootout on a rooftop in London or shooting clay pigeons. However, the real novelty with this Blood & Truth update is that players will now be able to have fun with “Aim”, the controller built as a replica weapon by Sony.

For the gameplay, but also the immersion, this update should change the life of the players somewhat.. A small animation posted on the Playstation blog allows us to see concretely what the result would be. Until then, it was only possible to play with Move controllers or Dualshock 4 controllers. However, really bad news, you will not be able to redo the campaign with virtual reality. On the other hand, the last update also makes it possible to take advantage of the “Hard” mode. Using Sony's "Aim" with Blood & Truth should bring even more immersion in this AAA game.

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