CES 2017: Lenovo New Glass C200 - AR glasses for professionals


  • A portable and powerful device
  • Artificial intelligence and augmented reality
  • Lenovo NDB Martin and Lenovo NBD Titan
  • The New Glass C200, the future benchmark for the professional market?

The commercial failure of Google Glass now seems far behind. If the general public is not ready to adopt augmented reality technologies in everyday life, professionals, for their part, want to be able to exploit the potential of these revolutionary devices.

After Microsoft with its Hololens, Osterhout Design Group or even Vuzix, it is the turn of the Chinese IT giant Lenovo to present its connected AR glasses. The New Glass C200 run on Linux, and thus offer an open interface to a wide variety of business use possibilities..

A portable and powerful device

Designed as a mobile and transportable system, the New Glass C200 weighs less than 60 grams. A LTE connectivity allows them to be used anywhere, by connecting to the internet through 3G or 4G. They will be supplied with accessories to hang them on your belt or store them in your pocket.

In order to provide the necessary power for professional use of augmented reality, the New Glass C200 comes with a small pocket case acting as a central unit. In this way, the user benefits from the power of a computer through a pair of glasses, or more precisely a connected monocle since this device only covers one eye.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality

According to Lenovo, the New Glass C200 take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies. Business professionals will be able to use them for data analysis, or for data visualization.

These glasses can be used in all industries by companies of all sizes. We can imagine different use cases. This system could for example be used to train employees, perform remote repairs, solve technical problems or transmit specific instructions.

Lenovo NDB Martin and Lenovo NBD Titan

The manufacturer claims that these connected glasses are able to recognize 20 different types of objects, ranging from photos to diagrams of buildings. These objects are recognized using artificial intelligence software called Lenovo NDB Martin. This AI assistant combines computer vision, data collected by a camera, user habits and various sensors to provide visual information. It can be controlled by voice, gestures or using buttons spread across the device.

En parallèle, Lenovo Launches Lenovo NBD Titan Platform, Enabling Augmented Reality Content Creation. Visual editing software is also incorporated. So users will be able to create AR experiences without needing to code. The user community will therefore be able to create new possibilities of use over time.

The New Glass C200, the future benchmark for the professional market?

With the New Glass C200, Chinese giant Lenovo continues to conquer the professional market. The firm already offered servers, PCs and smartphones for businesses. It will now be necessary to count on its presence in the field of augmented reality glasses.

These smartglasses seem to have all the qualities to impose themselves on the professional augmented reality market. However, this device will only be available from June 2017. It is likely that other similar systems will be available on the market by then.


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