CES 2020: the very impressive "VR Glasses" of Pico

CES 2020: the very impressive


Like every year, CES 2020 is the opportunity for many companies to demonstrate their prototypes, their devices in development that could define the technology of tomorrow. Pico has just made a brilliant demonstration with its VR Glasses.

Pico Interactive has therefore made CES 2020 a choice panel to present its Pico Neo 2, a virtual reality headset equipped with Eye Tracking and intended for the professional market, but also its new prototype which will be released in 2020.

CES 2020: the very impressive

Compact and ready-to-use VR Glasses

The least we can say is that this is a very good surprise from this CES 2020. Pico "VR Glasses" that come in the form of an accessory that you connect to your smartphone. It's very inspired by what Qualcomm refers to as “XR Viewers”. On the program, virtual reality glasses offering a rather decent resolution since we are talking about two 1600 x 1600 LCD screens, for a weight of only 120 grams. Suffice to say that you will have the impression of having classic glasses on your eyes, unlike many other models.

The interface shown at CES 2020 is very similar to the one we could see on the DayDream This allows you to launch videos or games. Pico announces a field of view (FOV) of 90 ° and also a 3Dof tracking (and a controller of the same ilk). We would like to have a little more at this level. Perhaps for the official launch of the Pico VR Glasses which should arrive sometime in 2020.

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