Coursera: Google teaches you how to build AR apps for free

Coursera: Google teaches you how to build AR apps for free


La augmented reality is a booming technology. Following the launch of the Google ARCore for Android and Apple ARKit for iOS frameworks, more and more developers are creating AR experiences for smartphones. This technology makes it possible to integrate virtual elements into the images filmed by the camera of the user's smartphone.

The most famous application examples are games like Pokémon Go and Jurassic World Alive, but augmented reality isn't just for gaming. Apple itself recently launched its own AR app for taking measurements of real objects through a virtual ruler, and so has Google.

And augmented reality on mobile is just the start. By the end of 2018, Magic Leap will market the first AR glasses for the general public. This device will allow you to directly view the virtual elements superimposed on the real world, without having to hold your smartphone. Thereafter large companies like Apple also plan to offer such glasses.

Coursera: Google offers you to learn how to master Google ARCore in 15 hours

Suffice to say that augmented reality seems to have a bright future. If you want to capitalize on this technology by creating your own applications, good news. Google has just launched a free course on the Coursera platform, allowing you to learn how to develop AR content with the ARCore framework for Android and other resources like the Google Poly Object Library.

This 15 hour course will allow you to learn how to create augmented reality experiences without having to invest a lot of time or money. For Google, it is also the opportunity expand the Google ARCore developer community. The Mountain View giant intends to make Android the benchmark platform for mobile augmented reality and earn points against Apple and its ARKit.

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