Crystal Cove, the new prototype of the Oculus Rift!

Crystal Cove, the new prototype of the Oculus Rift!


From January 7 to 10, the CES, a show dedicated to technological innovation, will take place. The new prototype of the Oculus Rift, the Crystal Cove, is presented there!

At the start of 2014, the CES, an exhibition dedicated to technological and electronic innovation, is being held. And good news for the Oculus Rift, a new prorotype was presented at this Consumer Electronis Show! The developers of the virtual reality headset explained the new features of this “Crystal Cove”, and it must be said that they are doing it all! What does this new version of the Oculus Rift promise us?

We could see the presence of an external camera. This will be combined with the two new AMOLED screens in order to reduce the latency time (already low enough for the moment), the precision of the moving image and some afterglow effects. And as was expected by the developers, the Crystal Cove embeds screens in 1080p, which will also be in the final version scheduled for 2014. A technical demo developed by Epic Game on Unreal Engine 4 accompanied all the presentations of new features . For those who are afraid of the physical problems noted by some people on the development kit version, all of these additions will reduce nausea or other side effects. However, you will still need to gradually get your brain used to before embarking on big sessions.

And in order to complete the information from this show, the developers of the Oculus Rift have indicated that they will open internal studios specializing in the creation of video games for the final version of Crystal Cove. When we know the recent recruits (John Carmack) and the unwavering support of many developers, we are optimistic about the future of the Oculus Rift headset. Roll on 2014!

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