Decathlon will launch a VR application in 30 of its stores to test its tents


  • Decathlon will generalize the VR experience in 30 stores
  • Choose your camping tent in full immersion

It is impossible for the brand to exhibit the fourteen models of Quechua tents that make up the Decathlon catalog. It would actually take a floor space of around 500 square meters to display all models to customers. Also, the brand had led a first experience in virtual reality to help customers choose a tent and test it in a virtual environment. This first experiment, initially carried out in 2 stores, was deemed conclusive and the brand now intends to offer it next year in thirty of its stores in France.

Decathlon will generalize the VR experience in 30 stores

It was at the beginning of May that Decathlon launched a first virtual reality experience in 2 of its points of sale and then extended to 12 other stores. An experience deemed positive by 95% of customers but also by management since sales volumes increased in these stores. The enthusiastic sellers have also indicated that they wish to continue the operation. Decathlon has just announced that the virtual reality experience making it possible to test the catalog of camping tents would extend to 30 stores of the sports brand in 2018.

The virtual reality experience was developed with the digital agency “Valtech”. It uses an HTC Vive virtual reality headset and controllers as well as a station. This tool allows you to virtually test the catalog of tents, which includes models from 2 to 8 people, in various environments.

Choose your camping tent in full immersion

As you can see in the trailer available below, the customer can choose the environment they want. Whether it is a forest, a desert or the mountain but also with different climatic conditions. It is thus possible to visualize the chosen tent under a blazing sun, abundant rain but also in the dark. Information is also given on the properties of the materials used and their resistance to the elements.. The environments offered are very realistic and it is possible to move around inside the tested camping tent.

It is thus possible to test and compare the different models offered under the conditions in which you plan to use your camping tent.. An innovative, immersive and realistic experience that solves the problem of space required for in-store exhibition. It is a solution that has also been adopted by a large number of car manufacturers to present their catalog of vehicles in virtual reality in points of sale. The virtual reality experience is also a success with managers since sales of camping tents have increased in the shops that participated in the first tests.

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