Discover the eyebrows of your dreams… thanks to augmented reality!

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  • What might your eyebrows look like?
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Most of us have a little something about our physique that we don't necessarily like. The shape of the eyes, the size of the ears or… the thickness of the eyebrows for example. So of course, we can wax these for example. But, how do you know what would be the ideal shape? How will it look real on our face? This is what the “Brow Try-On” application offers to discover. We tell you everything you need to know about this free augmented reality application, totally free and easy to use.

What might your eyebrows look like?

It is an original experience that the Benefit company offers on its website. Between mascaras and lipsticks, this box specializing in cosmetics offers its customers a small experience in augmented reality called “Brow Try-On”. The concept is simple. From a simple photo or live video feed, you can test up to 15 different styles for your eyebrows. Thin or thick, arched or almost straight, there will be something for everyone and you can even adjust the settings manually.

On the other hand, in a strange way, the company opts for an experience in the browser, instead of developing a specific application. While it turns out to be rather easy to use overall, playing with the level of detail on a touchscreen will quickly become difficult for you, this is the only real flaw in this experience.

The augmented reality beauty market

If the entertaining side is not to be neglected (let yourself be taken in!), it is clearly with an economic objective that the company belonging to the Louis Vuitton group offers this experience. “” Explains Hayley Shay, Marketing Director of Benefits in Canada.

This is far from being a first in the beauty market. Many companies have already seized the potential and are applying the same recipe. Once you have finished testing the different eyebrows, the company's site offers you products adapted to achieve the look of your choice such as the very famous Youcam or Perfect 365 application. In the USA the company goes even further by allowing you to make an appointment for an eyebrow waxing in their stores.. It remains to be seen if the result will be as good as virtual reality.

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