Dive into Mazaria, the VR arcade paradise in Japan


  • Mazaria: virtual reality paradise

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to VR arcade, Japan is far, far away from the competition, with some of the best games set in incredible environments, such as the Mazaria site.

It is quite simply the site known as being the best virtual reality arcade center in the world, in particular thanks to the presence of certain games linked to the best franchises such as Dragon Quest or Evangelion.

Mazaria: virtual reality paradise

Namco manages this project, which therefore brings together many known franchises, among which we also find Mario Kart or PacMan. Dragon Quest (our favorite) thus immerses you in the atmosphere of the famous game of Square Enix, during a 10-minute immersion that will allow you to rediscover everything that makes the flavor of this universe, whether you are a warrior or a magician. What if virtual reality is perfect for Pac-man? The famous yellow ball kicked off the video game as we know it, but is also now available in virtual reality at Mazaria. With two players, in a virtual labyrinth, the fun never stops!

For Evangelion VR, you will need to settle into a seat, which moves and associates you with your friends in a cooperative experience. Together, you will have to face a huge enemy which is notably endowed with laser beams. Finally, among the other experiences that we can mention is Mario Kart VR, a classic now but which allows you to sit in the kart and race with your friends. If you go to Japan, don't hesitate to visit Mazaria…

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