Dive into Stardust Odyssey, the new PS VR experience


  • Stardust Odyssey: travel the Silk Road

It's an experience that promises to be out of the ordinary if we are to believe the first confidences from Sony on the Playsation blog. We present to you Stardust Odyssey, a unique journey of its kind. 

It is an idea that was born by wanting to be visually inspired by French science fiction, as Moebius or Jean-Claude Mézières could imagine, but by bringing a touch of the fantastic, giving priority to magic and not to science.

Stardust Odyssey: travel the Silk Road

Stardust Odyssey will therefore offer an immersion in a universe taking as a reference the famous Silk Road, and a mix between desert and ocean. We will combine a nomadic life with universes dedicated to sedentary civilizations, offering an alternation of convoys and architecturally rich sites. It is this universe of convoys floating through the stars, in a warm atmosphere that you will be able to discover in this virtual reality game for PlayStation VR.

In parallel, the experiences will also include animal lives, some dangerous, others harmless., partly domesticated as equivalents of draft oxen and other more dangerous looking animals. Behind this game, which seems very deeply thought of as being a unique experience of its kind, we find the Agharta studio. The invitation to travel should very easily find its audience as the dreamlike dimension will seduce a particularly raging audience. Until then, all you have to do is arm yourself with patience to wait for the release of Stardust Odyssey. We will keep you informed.

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