Drones and virtual reality headsets: a good chemistry


  • The drones of tomorrow

Parrot Disco FPV : it is the name of a drone intended for individuals, a mini portable plane that the user will control using a remote control. Able to withstand winds of 40 km / h and fly up to 80 km / h and sold for the modest sum of 1299 euros, this small remote control aircraft will be supplied with a virtual reality headset designed by the company Parrot also and in order to offer the user the possibility of following the flight from the same drone, equipped with a 360 ° camera. Thus the “pilot” will be able to maneuver with more precision and recoil than if he were to use a simple screen attached to the joystick.

The drones of tomorrow

It's a safe bet that the drones of tomorrow will all equip this same technology, as GhostDrone 2.0 is already doing, which we were talking about a short while ago. Thought to be used via smartphones to minimize the cost of construction of the helmet, consumer products using this technology are more and more numerous on the market. No wonder, virtual reality offers new possibilities and undoubtedly impressive panoramas.

Imagine flying over fabulous panoramas live on your own. The same freedom as if you were really flying, and no, it's not a virtual world this time around. The process is excellent and it will help budding pilots and manage some complicated passages with more control.

On the other hand, taking a break is not really possible, you will have to make sure for the entire duration of the flight to be well protected from any external disturbance, if you do not want to have to remove your helmet in mid-flight and risk damage your precious drone!

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