Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map


With virtual reality, get ready to feel strong emotions. Whether positive or negative, extremely intense, brutal, short, prolonged or lighter, the user of a virtual reality headset can choose from a wide range of sensations. Let your brain be deceived by virtual reality and immerse yourself in an ocean of sensations. We present to you the menu of the main emotions to live with virtual reality.

Feel the terror, dread, horror, dread and fear in VR

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

Because of its total immersion and the user having a first-person experience, scary apps and horror games go particularly well with virtual reality. The feelings of terror are much more intense in VR than in front of a simple horror film. There are a large number of applications for feeling fear, some allowing to live a real terror, even for the most accustomed of the genre. As horror is particularly favored by designers of virtual reality applications, a wide range is already available.

You will find our selection of spooky apps here. The games are not forgotten either. “Alien Isolation”, available on Oculus Rift, is one of the precursors in this area. However, to feel the deepest dread, "Resident Evil 7" is certainly what is currently done most successful. The game, available on PlayStation VR, is undoubtedly the one that generated the most cries of fear. Note, moreover, that many psychologists now use virtual reality to treat phobias by confronting their patient with their most repressed fears.

Emotion of fascination and wonder thanks to virtual reality

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

For those who wish to experience more positive emotions and in particular wonder, VR also offers a large number of possibilities. In this register of emotions, the user has a wide choice available to him. From the exoticism of virtual tours of certain majestic places to the contemplation of the wonders of nature or human constructions, virtual reality is full of applications that will make you travel to the most beautiful places on the planet without leaving your sofa.

VR also allows us to be fascinated by our past with ever more realistic and interactive reconstructions. Applications also make it possible to fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin, penetrate the heart of a work of art and immerse yourself in the artist's universe or even change sex for a few minutes.. Virtual reality also allows you to immerse yourself in places that are difficult to explore, such as the seabed, the heart of a volcano or even explore space and distant planets. Make your choice and let the wonder be your guide.

Entertainment, joy and pleasure

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

Games, ever more numerous in virtual reality, are ideal media for entertainment. VR offers new possibilities to games while increasing tenfold the emotions felt while playing. The wide range of games available now in virtual reality will satisfy a large number of fans.

As on PC or console, games exist in different categories and for all ages. Unlike conventional media, VR allows a much more intense playful immersion. Check out our picks of the best VR games here.

Feeling of love, compassion, tenderness and friendship

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

Virtual reality is gradually opening up to social interactivity. Numerous social networking projects are under study, in particular from the domain giant, Facebook. The social dimension is of increasing interest to developers of virtual reality content. Several well-known dating sites are also working to develop this aspect which could change the way we meet in the future.

Social interactivity between humans has a great future with virtual reality but, for the most timid, it is already possible to develop romantic feelings towards totally virtual characters. This is particularly the case with “Let's Play With Nanai”, a game with which you will be in contact with a pretty Japanese student. The game, a pioneer in the field, blithely flirts with eroticism, but other similar softer applications are in development.

When desire, excitement and pleasure come together

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

As you probably know, eroticism and pornography have taken a keen interest in virtual reality. Unlike the traditional sex market, thequality is first and foremost with virtual reality productions. VR offers new perspectives and multiplies the possibilities of directors.

With virtual reality, it is possible to watch an erotic scene as a spectator as in front of a film, but the difference is played out in the fact that the scene can be viewed in 3D and 360 degrees. When pornography offers relief, the curves of actresses take on a whole new dimension! But virtual reality pornography also goes further by offering the viewer, for example, take the place of an actor and experience the scene in first person. With such a scene, coupled with a connected sex toy system, it is then possible to enjoy porn as if you were the main actor in the scene… and without using your hands!

Relax and de-stress with virtual reality

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

 VR, due to its immersion capacity, is also a great vector for relaxation. Whether light or close to a meditative state, many applications have emerged in recent months. The escape can be total and very relaxing. Some applications even offer guided virtual reality meditation to immerse you in a particularly Zen state.

The strongest emotions and sensations in virtual reality

Emotions on demand in virtual reality: here is the map

Certain virtual reality accessories allow an even more intense immersion by involving senses other than sight and hearing. Some accessories, such as the MMONE chair, can make you physically feel movements and accelerations. Strong sensations guaranteed. Finally, you can also discover our selection of the craziest virtual reality experiences for unforgettable emotions.

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