Eram sets foot in virtual reality for his 90th birthday

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  • Eram will present his shoes in virtual reality
  • Eram's website will feature virtual reality

Virtual reality marketing is starting to show its full potential. After various attempts made by brands, it is the turn of the French brand, Eram, to get started by offering virtual reality shopping experiences. The brand, whose head office is located near Cholet, will innovate by immersing its customers in virtual reality to offer them experiences that enhance the shoes of its latest collection, Noyce.

Eram will present his shoes in virtual reality

Eram will be celebrating his 90th birthday this year. A venerable age for a brand but which does not however distance it from new technologies. The distribution brand is effectively relying on virtual reality to boost its sales and, no doubt also, to rejuvenate its audience by offering a unique immersive experience.. From November, 5 stores of the brand specializing in shoes and clothing will offer a virtual reality headset to customers.

They will then be able to put on a virtual reality headset first and choose a setting to view the collection of shoes thus enhanced. Different atmospheres will be offered according to everyone's tastes. Although magnificent, these decorations remain however realistic and worthy of a luxury boutique. It will be possible to admire the different models from every angle as well as the composition of each shoe and, of course, also its selling price.

Eram's website will feature virtual reality

For customers not fortunate enough to have a store Eram offering this virtual reality experience close to home, it will however be possible to live the experience from the comfort of their home if they are equipped with a virtual reality headset.. The footwear brand's website will indeed offer this solution as well from November.

For its experiences in virtual reality, Eram selected the start-up "Seize Degr茅s" for the design of its virtual reality shopping solution.. This young growth notably offers unique and tailor-made experiences to immerse customers in the brand's universe. The company already has various renowned clients, including big names in ready-to-wear and the automotive industry.

After launching connected shoes that change color with your smartphone, Eram continues its technological momentum by opening up, this time, to virtual reality and by soon offering its customers an immersive experience both in store and on their website.

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