Esqapes combines massages and VR for "immersive relaxation"

Esqapes combines massages and VR for


Since July 5, 2019, a new kind of massage center opened in Los Angeles, California. Named “Esqapes”, the establishment combines automated massage technology with virtual reality to transport clients to a more serene environment.

In the shade of palm trees, on the sofa of a luxurious house, by a swimming pool ... thanks to VR, the user is transported to a peaceful place and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your massage.

Several environments are offered. For now, it is possible to receive your massage at the edge of a pond under the cherry trees, at the edge of the Mediterranean during a sunset, or on the beach. In total, ten experiences are available for the moment and two more will be added soon.

Esqapes: enjoy your massage in a virtual paradisiacal environment

Esqapes combines massages and VR for

Throughout the experience, perfumes corresponding to the virtual environment are diffused in the real worldl to enhance the feeling of immersion. The massage is automated, provided by a chair at the cutting edge of technology, with the possibility of receiving a full body treatment.

According to the company behind this concept, the goal is to offer an "immersive relaxation" experience comparable to a "mini vacation", the cost less. While virtual reality is mainly used by the video game industry, it is appreciable to see companies attempting other use cases such as well-being and relaxation.

California seems more prone to experimentation. So, in March 2019, the first Black Box VR virtual reality fitness room opened in San Francisco. Don't stay than to hope that these concepts end up crossing the ocean to arrive in our regions ...

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