Finger tracking for the PlayStation Move 2

Finger tracking for the PlayStation Move 2


A team of Sony researchers published a scientific paper on the development of an accessory that allows finger tracking. The two names at the top of this article are Kazuyuki Arimatsu and Hideki Mori, both of whom work for Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the branch of the Japanese manufacturer specially dedicated to everything related to their PlayStation console. Thus, it is highly probable that this document prefigures the next generation of VR controllers, namely the PlayStation Move 2.

The video accompanying the article shows the capabilities of the prototype of this accessory. The least we can say is that it is impressive. For now, the object takes the form of a handle attached to a plinth. He is able to accurately detect the movement of each finger. Indeed, the sensors recognize when the fingers tighten or release, one by one or all at the same time. However, the use of the accessory alone allows such a result. No external camera is involved in the experiment.

Sony focuses on haptics and tracking

As we can see in the video, finger tracking works in several different situations. The researchers therefore show that wet hands or sweaty hands are not a problem. This is also the case when someone is not wearing any accessory, such as a watch or rings, or is on the contrary full of them. However, they spotted a few flaws that remain. For example the thumb and forefinger which cannot touch each other or the fingers which are not crossed.

If nothing has however been confirmed, it is nevertheless possible to believe that finger tracking will be an integral part of the PSVR 2 functionalities. Sony has been working on the next generation of its virtual reality module for over a year now. The Japanese manufacturer regularly presents new patents in the field of haptics and monitoring. These are the major points on which he focuses.

If Sony does not hesitate to communicate on its progress in VR, the manufacturer is careful not to give an approximation of its availability to the general public. However, it has been confirmed that the PSVR 2 would not arrive at the same time as the PS5, but later. Hopefully it won't be much later.

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