Freediver: Triton Down, play virtual reality diver

Freediver: Triton Down, play virtual reality diver


Freediver is a surprising virtual reality game that has just been announced by Archiact's developer team. Perfect for diving and deep sea enthusiasts.

Diving is an activity that is often attractive, the prospect of exploring the underwater world attracts it is true. However, for those who do not dare to go for real, here is a perfect appetizer of what gives a scuba diving.

“Freediver: Triton Down”: explore a ship wreck

Fans of virtual reality games will be on familiar ground with the Archiact studio. This is indeed the same team that was behind the Evasion co-op shooter. We go there in a radically different universe with Freediver: Triton Down. You play as a character, Ren Tanaka, and you must move in a sunken ship on the ocean floor to successfully reach the exit.. A new kind of virtual reality escape game. A game with a rather unbreathable universe!

There is no teamwork here, you are all alone for this experience which should offer you an almost apocalyptic experience. Your objective is to survive and you will have to find air pockets, manage the rising water level and your oxygen reserves.. Good news, you will not need to manage the breaststroke in your living room, the swimming is done with the controllers, even if it will be necessary to replicate the gestures well known to the divers, a bit like in the underwater part of Skyrim VR .

The trailer runs in 360 degrees and is particularly alluring. The game is expected to attract many gamers.  Launch from May 2019 on Oculus Home and Steam VR for $ 8,99.

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