Future success for Creal3D lightfield projectors

Future success for Creal3D lightfield projectors


Creal3D, the Swiss start-up founded by CERN engineers, has developed a light-field projector technology that is unprecedented of its kind in the VR or AR market.

Present at CES 2019 last week, the Swiss company managed to convince with a a particularly innovative approach that promises to be full of promise for the future of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Future success for Creal3D lightfield projectors

Creal3D founded by CERN alumni

Tomas Sluka and Tomáš Kubeš are two former CERN engineers and they undoubtedly broke the challenge of realistic depth of field. Thanks to its bright field projectors, the company's devices can transmit stunning images. As a result, users can focus on objects that are at different focal lengths. An essential step to make virtual reality more realistic and more immersive. At present, virtual reality headsets often use two flat screens and therefore display 3D images with fixed focus.

The result is not really natural and is a problem for many investors, especially because it tires the eyes. But, with the technology developed by Creal3D, things could change. The objective is now that of fundraising. The company hopes to be able to raise 4,5 million euros by May 2019. If its technology can be integrated with equipment from other brands, the goal is indeed to develop in-house smart glasses ... What to make the smartphone screens of tomorrow?

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