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  • Price and availability of the Gear 360

The Gear 360 allows you to film or take a photo of the content which can then be viewed at 360 °, this camera is quite small and light and offers many features to control the rendering of the image. But despite the fact that we are all the information on its characteristics, nothing has ever filtered, in an official and concrete way, on a possible price and on a probable release date.

Price and availability of the Gear 360

But after an announcement from Samsung we learn that the Gear 360 will be available shortly in the United States. So the Korean company has decided to market its 360 ° camera in the USA in very limited stocks priced at $ 350. This is a pretty high price, the camera being more than 4 times more expensive than the helmet, although you cannot use the helmet without a very expensive laptop.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera will be available at VidCon stores in Anaheim, and the Korean company is also announcing that new models will be available later this year.

It is clear that Samsung is looking for now to do tests, of course at the price level, namely if the price is acceptable for customers, but also to have feedback on the first uses before the big start of marketing. Whether the price currently displayed for this week will be the final price remains to be seen. But we must admit that the price is greater than what we imagined.

Samsung places a little message during this announcement:

At the same time, Samsung reveals its project named Samsung Creator, this project will allow Samsung to train new creators in the use of the 360 ​​° camera but also in the creation of VR content. Samsung then give various awards in several areas:

A good initiative that should give a boost to creation in VR, but also make a little publicity for Samsung.

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