[Getting started] Samsung presents the Gear VR 2017 and the new Gear 360


  • Samsung Gear VR 2017: a not-so-new headset ...
  • ... and a game-changing bluetooth controller
  • A new Gear 360 capable of filming in 4K and streaming live

With 5 million copies of Gear VR headsets sold since the launch of the first commercial model in November 2015, Samsung can boast about the success of its mobile VR headset. The Gear VR is only compatible with a handful of high-end Samsung smartphones, the Korean seems here to have achieved a real feat in the breakthrough of B2C VR. Aware of its strong position in the market, the three-star brand was not going to stop there. During its Unpacked event, the March 29, 2017, Samsung has lifted the veil on the new spearhead of its mobile range: the Galaxy S8. New design, new interface… and new accessories were there.

Samsung Gear VR 2017: a not-so-new headset ...

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + will be released on April 28. A few days before this launch, however, consumers will be able to get their hands on accessories that complete this ecosystem 2017. Thus, from April 21, Samsung's new iteration of the VR headset will be available for sale, priced at 129 euros.

What does this Gear VR 2017 offer? Nothing really new. dimensions of this version are exactly the same as those of the previous generation, namely 98.6 x 207.8 x 122.5mm for a weight of 345 grams. Optical lenses are also the same, therefore offering the same field of view in 2016 and this year: 101 degrees. On this new model, we obviously find the triptych of accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor sensors. To notice that, yes the Gear VR 2017 uses a USB Type-C connection, a micro-USB adapter is provided in order to ensure the compatibility with Samsung from the Galaxy S7 range.

... and a game-changing bluetooth controller

What really differentiates the Gear VR 2017 from the previous generation is not in the headset but next to it. Indeed, Samsung this year added an accessory to its VR headset, a bluetooth controller. This allows get rid of the trackpad located on the side of the helmet, making it easier to interact with the virtual environment. We will find on this bluetooth controller a back button, a home button, two volume control buttons, a trackpad that also hides four clickable directional buttons and a trigger, button not present on the headset unlike the others. This new button will allow you toadd interaction to experiences and games to go out on the Gear VR. 70 new games optimized for the accessory were also announced a few days ago.

The controller, which incorporates a motion sensor, will be sold with the Gear VR 2017 in a bundle at 129 euros. That owners of previous generations of Gear VR be reassured, the controller is compatible with their equipment and can be acquired for the sum of 39 euros.

A new Gear 360 capable of filming in 4K and streaming live

If the Gear VR 2017 seems like an evolution of the old version, the new iteration of the Gear 360 brings its share of new features. No more toy look for children. At first glance, we realize the effort made to improve the design of the device, which gains a premium aspect. Where the lens of the first Gear 360 could separate from its foot, the latter is now an integral part of the new Gear 360. The trigger button, unfortunately located on top of the first generation of camera, finds an emore ergonomic position, on the handle of the device.

The technical specifications of the Gear 360 allow, if in doubt, to say that we are in the presence of a real new device and not a simple update of the old model. The new Gear 360 weighs 130 grams, compared to 152 grams for the previous model. Importantly, Samsung's 360 camera is now capable of film in 4K resolution and live streamer.

Note also the presence of a continuous autofocus when recording videos. CMOS sensors go from 15 to 8,4 megapixels each with a aperture f / 2.2 instead of 2.0 on the old version. With the regime it has undergone, the Gear 360 2017 has a weaker battery, 1 mAh against 160 mAh. It will, however, iup to 120 minutes of recording in 2560 × 1280 pixels format at 30 frames / second. Finally, Samsung seems to have decided to open up its closed ecosystem a little more by offering, for the first time, a iOS compatibility (iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE) as well as a support for these mid-range models, the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) and A5 (2017).

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