"Giant Cop: Justice Above All": a totally crazy game on Oculus Rift


The game takes you back to the very colorful 70s and will certainly remind you of some kitsch series of the time. The city of Micro City has acquired an extraordinary policeman… you and your 60 meters in height. You are the law and the law is above all. The game plays to the maximum on the kitsch of the 70s but remains above all very innovative by its open world and the delirious side of your police interventions. “Giant Cop: Justice Above All” brings a breath of fresh air and can be discovered here.

"Giant Cop: Justice Above All" is a very funny game

The concept of "Giant Cop: Justice Above All" is above all to offer crazy missions. You play as a giant policeman who overlooks the city and can interact with it freely. Hours of missions are offered to you, each more wacky than the next. You will have to cleanse the town of Micro City of the crime syndicate which rules there. Your two hands, equipped with Oculus Touch controllers, allow you to manipulate objects at your leisure. It is possible to grab giant objects from signs on buildings to, according to your wishes, shoot with a dart gun, play ping-pong with criminals or even launch a bus against a band of demonstrators.

In "Giant Cop: Justice Above All" you have no limits, nor the open world of the city and its beach that awaits you. You can grab any citizen by the skin of the back for a closer look. For even more delirium, many "Ester Eggs" have been added cike for example characters straight out of the series "The Walking Dead", or even hidden objects.

A throwback to the 70s that adds to the delirium

The whole game takes place in the 70s. The characters are therefore dressed as during this time of total freedom. The vehicles and the scenery are also good this time as the music that accompanies the game.. Nudists do not hesitate to stroll in the simplest device on the beach. A very good choice of decade reminiscent of some old American series from our childhood.

The developers started by creating a first version on PC using the mouse but admit that: "". "Giant Cop: Justice Above All" is available, as of today, on the Oculus Store for 25 dollars. The game is currently only available on Oculus Rift but a version on HTC Vive is announced without an advanced date You can see a preview of the game in this trailer:

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