[GOOD TIP] Insta 360: The 360 ​​video for less than 70 € 🔥

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  • Insta 360: the affordable 360 ​​3K camera
  • Other 360 cameras on GearBest:

Last week it was the DJI Mavic Air drone that saw its price dropped below 660 euros. Its sensor is of a 3K resolution to always have a good quality. With its small size, you can carry it anywhere on all your trips to record your best moments. It is also compatible with all Android phones. Its price therefore increases to 69 euros with delivery costs included to France too. To take advantage of this exceptional promotion, simply click on the button below.

Insta 360: the affordable 360 ​​3K camera

The camera is therefore compatible with all phones running Android terminals with a version higher than 5.1. Its small size is ideal for carrying it anywhere on your travels. Thanks to its two goals on either side she create a 360-degree video. The camera is also stabilized to obtain an always perfect image and stable so that it is clear.

Video images can be broadcast live on the internet. They are posted on YouTube and Facebook. You can control all functionality from the Insta360 Air Android app.

Other 360 cameras on GearBest:

  • Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera 4K at 221 euros
  • PHILIPS Dash Cam 1440P at 348 euros
  • Elephone Elecam 360 2 times 960p at 100 euros
  • SJCAM 360 for 360 video 1080p at 137 euros

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