[GOOD TIP] Pimax 4K: Ultra HD in VR for less than 300 € 🔥

[GOOD TIP] Pimax 4K: Ultra HD in VR for less than 300 € 🔥


[GOOD TIP] Pimax 4K: Ultra HD in VR for less than 300 € 🔥

Gearbest today breaks the prices of the famous independent headset, the Pimax 4K. It will go perfectly with the 360 ​​camera sold a few days ago on our site. With its 4K resolution it has one of the best screens on the market. On top of that it has built-in headphones so you don't need to use a headset in addition. Promotion will not last and to take advantage of it, simply click on the button below. Only 50 pieces are still available for sale on the Gearbest page. It is thus displayed at a price of 296 euros with delivery. This represents a reduction of 30% on the displayed price by the site originally.

Pimax 4K: Ultra HD in a high-performance virtual reality headset

The headset has one of the best resolutions in the virtual reality market today. With a 110 degree field of view, it is able to immerse you in a virtual world. All sensors are included in the helmet such as the gyroscope or the accelerometer for example. Its weight is very light for long sessions in VR without us tiring you.

To use it, you will still need a sufficiently powerful computer. It is recommended to use an i5 processor as well as a GTX 960 graphics card or equivalent. He connect via HDMI cable to the computer to enjoy steam VR and Oculus Games. On the other hand, the helmet is not supplied with joysticks it will either be necessary to purchase them separately or to use games without controllers.

The other good deals for VR headsets at GearBest:

  • Pimax 4K without integrated earpiece at 234 euros
  • The Deepoon E3B QHD at only 198 euros

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